how did baldur beat the world serpent

Do you know how Baldur beat the World Serpent? It’s a fascinating story of courage, strength, and determination. In Norse mythology, Baldur was a beloved god known for his beauty and benevolence. But when the World Serpent threatened to destroy Baldur and his family, Baldur made a daring move. Here’s how he overcame the challenge and beat the World Serpent.

The story begins with the god Odin, ruler of Asgard and father of Baldur. Odin was determined to protect Baldur from any harm, so he asked all the creatures of the world to swear an oath that they would never hurt Baldur. All creatures agreed, except the mischievous mistletoe.

When Loki, the god of mischief, heard about this, he decided to have some fun. He crafted a spear from the mistletoe and gave it to the blind god Höðr. Loki then told Höðr to throw the spear at Baldur, which he did. The mistletoe spear pierced Baldur’s chest and he died.

This upset Odin so much that he decided to bring Baldur back to life. He sent his other son, Hermod, to Hel, the goddess of the underworld, to retrieve Baldur’s soul. Hel agreed to return Baldur, but only if everything in the world would weep for him.

All the creatures of the world wept, except for one—the World Serpent. When Odin realized this, he was determined to make the World Serpent pay. He commanded Thor, the god of thunder, to kill the serpent.

Thor accepted the challenge and set out to sea in his great ship, the Skidbladnir. When he reached the serpent’s lair, he threw his hammer, Mjölnir, at the serpent. But the serpent was too big and strong for Thor to defeat.

Then, Baldur intervened. He offered himself as a sacrifice and told Thor to use Mjölnir to strike him instead. When Thor hesitated, Baldur reminded him of his oath to protect him and his family. Thor agreed and struck Baldur with Mjölnir.

The blow was so powerful that it shattered the World Serpent’s scales and killed him. Baldur had sacrificed himself to save the world, and in doing so, became a true hero.

Baldur’s heroic act is still remembered today. He is remembered for his courage and determination in the face of a seemingly insurmountable challenge. His story is a reminder that no challenge is too great if we are willing to put our all into it.

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