how do eunuchs pee

When it comes to the question of how eunuchs pee, the answer may surprise you. Eunuchs, or people who have been castrated, do not have testes and therefore do not produce testosterone or the male sex hormone. However, they do still have functioning kidneys and bladder, and they can still urinate.

Eunuchs typically have a normal urinary tract, and they can pass urine in the same way as other males. The only difference is that it is likely to be less forceful due to the lack of testosterone. The urine stream may also be thinner and less concentrated.

In some cases, eunuchs may have difficulty urinating due to a narrowing of the urethra caused by scar tissue from the surgery. This is known as urethral stricture and can cause difficulty in starting the urinary stream and a decreased force. Treatment for this condition can include medications to relax the urethra, or a procedure to widen the urethra.

Eunuchs may also experience some degree of incontinence. This can be caused by weakened muscles controlling the bladder, or by nerve damage resulting from the surgery. Treatments for incontinence can include lifestyle changes, medications, or devices such as catheters.

Overall, eunuchs are able to pee just like any other male. However, they may require additional treatments to address any complications resulting from their condition.

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