how does hange die

Hange Zoe, a beloved character from the popular anime series Attack on Titan, sadly meets her demise in the fourth and final season of the show. Hange’s death is a major plot point, and it’s highly emotional for fans who have watched her grow from a brilliant but clumsy scientist to a capable fighter and leader. In this article, we’ll explore how Hange dies, and why it’s so impactful.

Hange’s death comes at the hands of Zeke Yeager, a villainous figure in the show and the brother of main protagonist Eren Yeager. Hange and Zeke had a past, and he saw her as a threat to his plans. Zeke reveals to Hange that he has injected himself with a serum that turns him into a Titan, and he intends to use it to wipe out the human race. Hange is horrified and tries to talk him out of it, but Zeke refuses to listen.

In a desperate attempt to save humanity, Hange decides to sacrifice herself so that Eren can save the day. She charges at Zeke in her human form, hoping to distract him long enough for Eren to finish the job. However, Zeke sees through her plan and kills her. Hange’s death is a heartbreaking moment for fans of the show, but it’s also an important moment for the story.

Hange’s death serves as a testament to her bravery and her commitment to protecting humanity. Her selfless act is incredibly heroic, and fans of the show have praised her courage and self-sacrifice. It’s also a reminder that no one is invincible, and even the strongest characters can fall in the face of adversity.

Hange’s death is a major loss for Attack on Titan, and her absence will be felt in the show’s final season. However, her memory will live on in the hearts of fans, who will never forget her courage and dedication.

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