how does nardwuar know everything

Nardwuar the Human Serviette, also known as Nardwuar the Human, is a Canadian celebrity interviewer and musician who is renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure music and pop culture. He has interviewed countless big names over the years, including Snoop Dogg, Tyler the Creator, and Kim Gordon. But the question remains: how does Nardwuar know everything?

The answer lies in Nardwuar’s commitment to thorough research. He spends hours upon hours researching his interviewees, digging up obscure facts, and truly immersing himself in the music of the artist. He’s also been known to ask several follow-up questions, showing that he has done his homework and is truly invested in the conversation.

Nardwuar’s deep knowledge also comes from his decades of experience in the music industry. He’s been a DJ, a radio host, and a record store clerk, giving him access to a wealth of information. He’s also been involved in producing and releasing music, so he’s well-versed in the history of music and culture.

Nardwuar also attributes his knowledge to his vast network of contacts. He’s developed relationships with many people in the music industry, giving him access to exclusive information. His contacts also allow him to stay up to date on current trends and topics of interest.

Finally, Nardwuar’s knowledge is likely due to his natural curiosity. He has a genuine interest in the music and culture of his interviewees, and his enthusiasm is infectious. He’s always eager to learn something new, and it shows in his interviews.

Ultimately, Nardwuar’s extensive knowledge is a combination of research, experience, and relationships. His enthusiasm and curiosity have made him a legendary interviewer, and his interviews are must-sees for music lovers everywhere.

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