how to call restricted

Calling a restricted number can be a daunting task. But, with the right know-how, it can be an easy process. Here are some tips on how to call a restricted number.

1. Look up the number. Before making a restricted call, you need to determine the number you’re calling. You can look up the number on a website like WhitePages or TrueCaller. Both sites offer a reverse phone lookup service, which allows you to enter a phone number and find out who it belongs to.

2. Get the right hardware. You’ll need a phone with a caller ID feature in order to make a restricted call. If you don’t have a caller ID phone, you can buy one at most electronics stores.

3. Enter the code. When you’re ready to make a call, first enter *67 followed by the phone number. This code is used to block your caller ID from the person you’re calling.

4. Make the call. Once you’ve entered the code, you should be able to make the call. The person you’re calling will see “restricted” or “unknown” on their caller ID.

5. Use a payphone. If you don’t want to purchase a phone with caller ID, you can always use a payphone. Payphones don’t require any codes to make a restricted call.

Making a restricted call can be a tricky process, but with the right know-how, it can be a breeze. Remember to look up the number before making the call, get the right hardware, enter the code, make the call, and use a payphone if necessary. Following these steps will help you make a successful restricted call.

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